General information about ASTS membership


Membership benefits

The objectives of ASTS are to

  1. advance science and technology, and to promote the related professional, artistic and educational activities,
  2. foster friendships and collaborations amongst the Australian Chinese scientists, scholars and professionals.
  3. develop strong relationships between Australian and international science and technology societies,
  4. promote cultural exchanges in science and technology in general between Australia and other countries, wih a particular focus on cultural exchange programs between China and Australia.
  5. support the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing China with science and education.

To achieve these objectives, ASTS has developed relationships with external organizations, and provides a variety of information and services to assist members in many aspects of their work and career development. Membership benefits are offered across several categories. Most membership benefits are exclusive to active members of ASTS. These benefits are designed to develop members’ career as well as increase the profile and standing of the science and technology profession. ASTS members have access to a career and professional development advice and access to the latest news and events from ASTS and other associations and China government. ASTS also provides a platform for members to network with others members at an ASTS event.

Membership options and fees

Membership types

Three types of members are available, outlined as below.

  1. Honorary Members: Those life members distinguished in science and technology may be invited to become Honorary President/Adviser.
  2. Life Members are those ordinary members who have paid life membership fees ($150) for being life-time membership.
  3. Ordinary Members consist of those who have obtained minimum qualifications of Master's or higher degrees or who are studying towards Master's or higher degrees at recognised universities or colleges and who are actively engaged or interested in the objectives of the Society. Artists, enterprisers and renowned personages may become members of the Society. Ordinary Members may include international members ordinarily residing in an area other than Australia.

Fee structure

Membership type Membership Fees ($AUD including GST)
Life Member $150.00
Ordinary Member $20.00 per year
Ordinary Member (Student)* free

*Ordinary Member (Student) has no right to vote or the right of being voted, and is required to pay a membership fee after s/he graduated in order to gain full membership rights.


All fees listed in the table include ten per cent (10%) goods and services tax (GST). GST is not applicable for members residing outside of Australia.

How to join ASTS

Applicants wishing to join ASTS shall complete the application form (ASTS Membership Application Form) and submit the signed form (either posting the original or sending the scanned copy via E-mail) to the Secretary of ASTS. Councillors will consider applications and after due examination will notify acceptance. The Secretary shall notify the applicant of the decision as soon as practical. The applicant is then required to pay membership fees to register his/her membership.

Membership payment options

Three options are available for ASTS membership payments, as outlined below. Please indicate your payment method in your membership application form. All payments must be in Australian dollars. An official receipt shall be issued as soon as practical once the recipient of the payment is confirmed.

Bank Transfer (preferred) - Membership fees may be transferred to ASTS bank account directly. Please make sure the beneficiary’s account details are as follows:


BSB: 082 372
Account Number: 858886826
Account Name: Ausinan Science and Technology Society



  1. Please include registrant’s name as the Payee’s name in the transaction.
  2. Please E-mail a soft copy of your bank transfer receipt to the Treasurer of ASTS as soon as practical so that your registration can be processed quickly.

Cheque - Cheques should be made payable to Ausinan Science & Technology Society.

Cash -Membership fee payments may be paid in cash to the Treasurer of ASTS.

Membership terms and conditions

Annual membership fees are due in full on joining ASTS or on anniversary of joining. The following terms and conditions apply to ASTS membership services.

  1. ASTS constitution, code of ethics and by-laws - All members are bound by the ASTS Rules, the code of ethics and professional conduct, and all by-laws, notices and directives of ASTS.
  2. Acceptance of conditions of membership - ASTS members are required to indicate their acceptance of all terms and conditions of membership. New applications and renewals will not be processed until confirmation is received.
  3. Failure to pay - ASTS ordinary membership fees are due annually from the date and month in which the member joined ASTS. If a member does not pay his/her membership fees, s/he will cease to be an ASTS member and be removed from the ASTS active member database.
  4. Cancellation/refund policy - ASTS does not provide refunds on membership fees.
  5. Transfer of membership - ASTS memberships are individual and non-transferable.
  6. Costs incurred by ASTS in processing membership fees - All unexpected costs incurred by ASTS in the processing of membership fees will be charged back to the member. Such costs include, but are not limited to, bounced cheques fees and related bank charges.
  7. Privacy - We respect your privacy. We will never give or sell your details to an outside company for any reason, marketing or otherwise, without your consent other than to send you ASTS related information.


WEBSITE: E-MAIL: asts-contact @  FAX: +61-2- 9869 1099